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In this dedicated section, we are showcasing items which reflect our passion for unique finds and coastal charm. Dive into our favorite selections, discover hidden gems, and see the many ways that we celebrate the spirit of the sea through these special products. 

Etsy Shop – Coastal Delights from Across the World

In our Etsy Shop, we have curated a collection of fun and vibrant coastal products sourced from various corners of the globe. We have beach-inspired decor, handmade crafts, and unique collections which have been carefully selected. Browse through our offerings, and find the perfect coastal gem that resonates with your style. We have items off the coast of Africa for your consideration too.

Amazon Affiliation – Tried, Tested, and Loved

As proud affiliates with Amazon, we bring you direct links to products we have personally used and genuinely adore. These links scattered across our pages provide a seamless way for you to explore and purchase the coastal goodies that have found a special place in our hearts. And if you travel far, you will love our recommendations for packing and journeying in style. Our thoughtfully selected travel essentials ensures that you embark on your coastal adventures well-prepared.  Our 4 most popular packing posts are 1) Elevate Your Travel Game with Technology, 2) Travel Like A Pro – Fashionable and Chic, 3) Beyond the Basics – Uncommon Travel Essentials that you Never Knew You Needed 4) Little Known Travel Essentials to Enhance Your Journey Right Now – all with wonderful deals on Amazon. 

Shop Our Favorites – A Showcase of Coastal Love

Looking for a collective selection of our absolute favorites? Look no further than the “Shop Our Favorites” section located at the bottom of our main home page. Here, we provide insights into products that we not only love, but want to highlight just for you. These handpicked treasures come with direct links to the sites, making it easy for you to bring a piece of coastal magic into your life.  These change occasionally as we discover new products to love. 

VIP Vendors – Recommendations from the Heart

Our special VIP vendors hold a special place in our coastal journey. We proudly recommend local artists, handicrafts and special friends who capture the spirt of the sea in their work.

South Pause Island Girl  – Norvell creates exquisite seaglass jewelry right from her workshop in Abaco Bay, Bahamas.

Bella Vela Candles – Armando Martinez makes the most amazing candles. He also has a wonderful line of home fragrances as well. 

Lambert Living/Art – Alice is so creative with bespoke homewares and has a purchasing consultancy in the islands. Simultaneously, Alice is an incredible artist and we are honored to highlight her work. 

Island Art  – Lisa does an amazing job with both color and design. Not surprisingly, Lisa does commissioned work as well and is in high-demand due to her bold, colorful style.  

Additionally, these vendors have been featured in our blog posts for their exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to coastal elegance.  Truly, we think they are fabulous, and we hope you will shop with them. (We do not receive revenue for sales.)

Affiliates with Booking.com and Viator – Explore and Experience

For those dreaming of coastal getaways, we work as affiliates with Booking.com, providing you with an array of accommodation options by the sea. Additionally, our affiliation with Viator ensures that you have access to exciting coastal excursions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of coastal destinations.

Join Us on this Coastal Shopping Adventure

Sincerely, we hope you’ll join us on this coastal shopping adventure. Your support not only brings coastal treasures into your life, but also helps us continue to share the beauty of coastal living through Uncommonly Coastal. Shop with us and let the coastal charm unfold in your home and heart!

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