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You are welcome to join us as we support causes close to our hearts in a small coastal village in Ghana. The community is a poor one and their needs are great.  Education is expensive, so our focus has been both with educational needs and in housing.  


We know Gabriel and his family personally and have worked with them for many years. They are honest, kind, responsible and love their families. Gabriel and his wife are responsible for paying school fees and books for their granddaughter, which are ongoing expenses.  She is currently in her 10th year and just took her next level of exams.


Electricity and Water 

Previously, we completed the construction of a very basic kitchen within Gabriel’s residence, complete with a cooktop. An indoor bathroom has also been added.  Our recent endeavor involved the installation of electrical lines to provide electricity directly into his home.  However, a persistent challenge continues to be sanitary water. 


Part of the proceeds from Uncommonly Coastal goes directly for Gabriel’s family support.

 If you would like to know more, or join us in this worthy cause, please email us at support@uncommonlycoastal.com.

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