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Unique Feather Headdresses

As we travel from coast to coast, we discover some truly unique finds. One of my favorites is from Cameroon in West Africa, right from a local village, made by expert craftsmen. As you can clearly see, these Juju hats are absolutely stunning! 


Members of the Bamileke Tribe in Cameroon make these authentic Juju hats. This is the only place in the world where these incredibly beautiful pieces are created.

Traditionally, the hats are worn by royal dancers during ceremonies hosted by the Chief or local dignitaries. The Bamileke tribe associates the feather headdresses with prosperity and positive symbolism.  Consequently, the  headdresses represent success and good health for their family. We have been fortunate to attend ceremonies where these incredible ‘hats’ have been worn, and they make a spectacular display of color and pageantry. I am just fascinated with the art as well as the beauty!


Hand Created Juju Hats

The juju hats, or feather headdresses, are meticulously crafted.  Feathers are stitched onto a woven raffia base, creating a basket shape which is both compact for easy transport and protective of the materials. Both chicken and guinea fowl feathers are used, along with bamboo, string and homemade raffia pieces to make these gorgeous creations. Incredibly, we have watched them being made, and it is truly a labor of love.  
Juju hat

Popular in Home Decor

While once rooted in tradition, these authentic Juju hats have found a new purpose as contemporary home decor. With their unique texture and visual impact, they’ve gained popularity among interior designers. 


Whether displayed alone or as part of a collection, Juju hats make an impressive statement in any home, adding an element of texture. Plus, it is easy to add a tribal, global vibe in creating unique and beautiful spaces. In decorating, most of the hats are neutrals, but a few pieces add a pop of color and vibrant fun to the room.  Juju Hats

These are everywhere!

If you look carefully, you’ll discover these gorgeous hats in magazines and on Pinterest, but the authentic ones are fairly difficult to locate.  

Juju Hats

Direct Source

We have a connection, right to the source for these unique pieces.  If you would like to get more information, please visit our Etsy store OR just let us know.

Email Us! 

You can also email us directly at support@uncommonlycoastal.com.  Our subscribers receive 10% off when you order directly through our email (Use Code “UCJuju”).  Shipping comes from the USA, and we know the owner personally.  🙂  I know you will love these! 

 The hats are incredible works of art, and they fit any decor style.  We love our touch of authentic Africa – and happy to highlight this unique find!
In fact, I am proud to hang them in various places around my home.  Incredibly, I get positive comments often! However, I truly love these pieces and I hope that you will too!  Amazingly, the hats fit any decor and style. In conclusion, I hope you will bring a bit of Africa into your home too!  Honestly, I truly love these! Truly, I hope you love them too! 

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