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13 Yule Lads and Northern Lights: Wonderful Christmas in Iceland

Christmas in Iceland is the most wonderful time of year.  In December, the conditions are excellent for viewing the Northern Lights, one of the world’s most spectular sights to behold.  There’s Jólabókaflóð, Þorláksmessa, Aðfangadagur, and numerous other cherished customs to enjoy!

However, there are a few traditions which are exciting in a slightly different way.  For example, there are human-eating ogres and a Christmas Cat that has been known to kidnap and eat children during this time of year.  And be advised, seals take on human form during the holidays!

Top 10 Coastal Books for Summer: Great Beach Reads

There’s just something about a good summer read… Whether you are camped out on the beach or lying next to a kiddie pool in your own backyard, a book just feels like vacation.  We think the best “beach books” have the power to transport you to idyllic coastal towns, enchanting islands, or even far away lands.

We’ve been busy trying to find the best books for summer, and we hope you like our list, which includes a variety of genres and unique locations.  It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new authors and discover some hidden gems along the way.  We hope the characters in the books below become your friends as you are immersed in the wonderful stories.