Uncommonly Coastal

Comfort Food from the Coast: Warm and Wonderful Wintery Soups

As winter settles in with its chilly winds and gloomy skies, there’s nothing like a warm bowl of coastal-inspired wintery soup to lift your spirits and transport you to sun-kissed shores. Embracing the flavors of the sea, these comforting soup recipes not only provide a delicious escape from the winter blues but also bring a taste of coastal serenity to your dining table. Join us on a culinary journey that blends the coziness of winter with the freshness of the coast. This collection of soul-warming soup recipes promise to brighten even the coldest of days.

Pumpkin Palooza: Showcasing the Best of Fall’s Iconic Gourd

It’s Day 6 of Pumpkin Week! Today, we’re diving into a pumpkin palooza as we explore a colorful showcase of painted pumpkins. We’re also sharing the wonderful world of pumpkin as a superfood for our canine companions. With a variety of healthy recipes for both humans and pets, today promises to provide additional flavors and fun into the fall season. Additionally, this day has a little something for everyone, from the creative to the culinary…and we can’t wait to show you. 

Welcome Home: Special Fall Pumpkins at the Door

Welcome home to Day 5 of Pumpkin Week! Today, we have a lot in store for you. We’ll kick things off by exploring the world of colored pumpkins and their meanings on your porch. Then, we’ll show you how to spruce up your front door with some pumpkin inspiration and get your porch looking festive and inviting. To top it off, we’ll share a handful of easy and tasty pumpkin recipes that will warm your heart and your taste buds. It’s all about adding that perfect touch of autumn to your home, inside and out. So, get ready for a quick read filled with creative ideas and delicious pumpkin goodness!