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Pumpkins in the Center: Ideas to Make It A WOW!

Welcome to Day 3 of Pumpkin Week, where we’re diving deep into the world of pumpkins, sharing creative ideas and delicious recipes. But today, we’re kicking things up a notch with an astonishing world-record that will blow your mind.  It’s been fun to explore everything pumpkin-related, from coastal art to underwater pumpkin carving, and there’s still more excitement in store. 

Meet #23 Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is the largest pumpkin in the entire world, weighing in at 2,749 pounds – and setting an official world-record! Just like his namesake, he is the G.O.A.T.  Michael (the pumpkin) was named for Michael’s (the athlete) basketball number #23, since 2023 was the year of the great pumpkin weigh-in.   

Travis Gienger, from Anoka, Minnesota, grew this humongous gourd in his own backyard.  He is a horticulture teacher at Anoka Technical College, who has been growing pumpkins for almost three decades. This year, Gienger was determined to give his plants some additional support by watering them up to 12 times per day, in addition to extra fertilizing and feeding.  

Gienger’s excitement shows through as he celebrates his win and earns $30,000 for his efforts. While this pumpkin may not win any beauty contests, its massive size more than makes up for it. This pumpkin monster could be baked into approximately 700 pies and weighs about as much as a car! Gienger plans to turn this pumpkin into the World’s Largest Jack-O-Lantern soon. 

This pumpkin certainly takes front and center of any stage and so will our next “guest.”

Today’s recipe doesn’t contain pumpkin as an ingredient, but it portrays our theme well.  This one is easy – and so fun! The ingredients can vary to whatever you have ORANGE on hand – but these are the items that we have used in the past. Just let your creativity flow!

Pumpkin Patch Platter

**Blueberries.           **Blackberries.            **Grapes.           **Pineapple.         **Cheetos.    **Cheese-Itz.          **Goldfish.          **Fritos.          **Mandarin Oranges.          **Orange Peppers.          **Carrots.          **Smoked Gouda.          **Cheddar Cheese.          **Colby Jack Cheese.          **Cashews.           **Turkey.          **Candied Ginger.           **Pretzels.          **Craisins.

From card stock or cardboard, make three triangles and fasten with tape. Arrange triangles on a round board or tray to mimic eyes and nose of a jack-o-lantern. Put blackberries in the eye triangles and blueberries in the nose triangle. Arrange a bunch of grapes into a mouth shape.  Fill in with other orange ingredients in lines to fill out the pumpkin.  Enjoy! 

“Pumpkins remind us that beauty can be found in every season, just as the beach reminds us to seek beauty in every tide.”

Pumpkins in the Center

Placing something in the center of a setting highlights its importance to the overall picture. While we’re enjoying the charms of a coastal autumn and all the pumpkin-themed delights it brings, it is good to remember that the centerpieces on our table are so important.  These decorative pieces aren’t just there to look nice; they really set the mood and capture the feeling of the season. So, whether you have a rustic pumpkin arrangement, some candles, or even a unique DIY centerpiece, they all add that special touch and make our gatherings even cozier.

Pumpkin Chic

The floral pumpkins are a simple elegance, adding color and texture to the table. Most start with the tops removed and the plants set right into the pumpkins. 

Setting an outdoor table works well with natural elements.  White pumpkins always lend a classic touch, and this one adds needed height and texture. Bringing a coastal vibe to the fall table is as simple as placing a glass vase filled with sand inside a pumpkin adorned with seagrasses and a starfish. 

The simplicity of these arrangements on the table keep it sophisticated.  Easy, quick, and a gorgeous punch of color make it doable for all.


Simple touches and placement make a big difference in design. Bringing the vibrant colors of fall into your tablescapes adds a special element of attention and warmth to the table. 

Protect the Pumpkins

When you’re putting together pumpkin-themed centerpieces for events which span from October through Thanksgiving, you may want to make sure these natural elements stay fresh for an extended period. Here’s a simple method recommended by experts: 1) Start by cleaning the pumpkins with a solution of bleach and water at a 50/50 mix. 2) Then, give the entire pumpkin a light misting of vegetable oil to seal it.

There’s MORE!

Tomorrow, we have another exciting activity that you have to see to believe! Throughout Pumpkin Week, we’ve explored various ways to embrace the spirit of fall and we have LOTS more to come! We hope you will join us for every day of this celebration.

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