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Turning A Dream into Reality: My Fearless Monumental Move!

Still unpacking, I have just returned from a relaxing week with family at the beach.  This wasn’t my usual hot and sunny weather, so I didn’t return with a tan this trip. However, I returned with something far more lasting. I’m turning my dream into reality!


I have made the monumental life-changing decision to MOVE to the beach.  The undeniable allure of the beach has been nearly all I talk and daydream about for years…I just couldn’t imagine such a drastic move…

Until now. This last vacation, the pull of beachside living was simply too powerful to resist.  It all became crystal clear as I sat and stared at the mighty ocean. I was completely relaxed yet completely exhilarated at the same time. If there is something that fills me with such incredible joy, I want to breathe it in every day. There’s just something about that vast expanse of water and the endless horizon that speaks to my soul. It is finally time to turn my dream into reality.


Where does this deep-seated passion for the coast come from? For as far back as I can remember, this calling from the coast has been too strong to ignore. I did not grow up on a beach, nor did I have easy access to the sun, sand, and surf. But I was fortunate enough to enjoy numerous vacations on some breathtakingly beautiful coasts growing up, and they completely fueled my fire.



As a child, I remember my parents shushing my squeals the first time I saw the ocean, and I ran from the parking lot of the Sandcastle Inn and didn’t stop until my feet hit the water. I remember riding on my navy canvas raft – sometimes a bit too far – for hours on end. And if I had a penny for every bag of seashells I collected, I’d be living in a beach penthouse writing this.


Family trips. Spring breaks. Honeymoon. Special vacations to reconnect with dear lifelong friends. Those trips became some of the fondest memories of my life, and I couldn’t wait until the next one. In fact, nearly every vacation I have taken as an adult has been spent basking in the glorious sunshine and strolling in the sand.                       


In fact, I’ve been living the coastal lifestyle for years now – minus the beach. My home is painted in soothing colors and the furniture is overstuffed and neutral. Although you won’t see any “The Beach is My Happy Place” signs in my house, the coastal vibe is obvious. In many ways, I have already turned my dream into reality.

Like my furniture, I prefer casual and comfortable clothing also, like a linen skirt or summer dress.  And there is always at least one sunhat in my back seat. And we can all agree that one can never have too many sandals!

As I matured, I came to appreciate far more than just the shark’s teeth I would find. I now admire the peacefulness and majesty that comes with sunrise. The colorful splendor of sunset is amazing. Discovering a beautiful piece of sea glass delights me. And I cherish romantic moonlit walks, hand in hand, bare feet in the sand.


Also, there’s nothing in the world that soothes me like the crashing waves. All my cares are pulled out of my mind and into the surf, going farther and farther into the deep blue. Within minutes, I am free.


Making the decision seems easy compared to the steps I face ahead. Obviously, it’s far more than simply changing my address. Everything familiar in my current world will change with my venture into the unknown. This symbolises a new chapter in my life – one brimming with excitement, anticipation, and if I’m honest, a little fear. However, I am filled with the infectious enthusiasm that accompanies the whole planning process.


Really, it’s not just my journey. It’s about all of us who dare to dream big and chase after our dreams with unwavering determination. Do you also share a passion for the ocean? A hopeless wanderer? Maybe you are just looking for a little inspiration? Regardless, I invite you to go with me as I dive headfirst into this new phase of my life.


I’ll be documenting my adventure right here on the blog. From this dramatic decision through finding my perfect home – and everything in between, I will share the highs, lows, and the unforgettable moments along the way. This may take a while, but I hope you’ll follow along as I go through this exciting process. With each step forward, my dream of coastal living will transform from a lifetime dream into a gratifying reality.

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