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Coastal Chic – Embracing 2024’s Hottest Color of the Year

It's All About the Blues

Guess what’s making waves in 2024?  Coastal colors are taking the interior design world by storm! Now, homeowners are trading in neutrals for whiter, brighter tones, and the blues – oh, they are predicted to be huge this year!  In fact, many manufacturers have declared shades of blue as their Color of the Year, and it’s no surprise.  These coastal colors bring a soothing, sophisticated, and calming vibe that’s perfect for transforming your space into a coastal haven.

The Allure of Coastal Blues

Currently, BLUE is the name of the game, and it’s not just any blue – it’s elegantly inspired tones perfect for coastal charm. Various shades of blues, mirroring the sea, offer endless possibilities for home decor. Whether you opt for a bold navy accent wall or sprinkle in softer blues through decor elements, you’re sure to evoke the calm and relaxation of the ocean.

Sandy Tans

While this year is all about the blues, sandy neutrals blend well with the various blue hues below. Yet, it’s good to keep in mind that providing a neutral backdrop for your decor helps to balance and allow the colors to pop. Moreover, combining the ocean shades of blue with sandy tans make the result versatile and elegant. Imagine beige sofas and tan rugs setting the stage for coastal blues, creating a comfortable and stylish foundation for other vibrant elements.

Paint Color of the Year – 2024

Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova 825

To begin, let’s talk specifics. Benjamin Moore has crowned Blue Nova 825 as its color of the year.  It is a unique blend of blue and violet which was inspired by a new star being formed in space.  As a result, this mid-toned blue strikes the perfect balance between rich and captivating.  Just imagine the allure of a starlit sky right in your living room or bedroom!  Truly, the color is gorgeous. (Side note: I recently painted our bedroom dresser with Blue Nova and wow – we love it!) 

Dunn-Edwards’ Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones, the color of the year from Dunn-Edwards, is a serene blue with hints of green and grey. Notably, the manufacturer portrays it as a “little bit country and a little bit coastal” and describes it as a blue with a “drizzle” of grey. It is a timeless classic which can function as a neutral, yet beautiful with various design styles.  Additionally, it captures the feel of the ocean, highlighting both energy and calmness.  Skipping Stones is the ideal paint color to bring the spirit of the coast into your home. 

Thermal C2 Color of the Year

C2’s Thermal

C2’s paint color of the year, Thermal, is poised to dominate in 2024. This refreshing shade infuses spaces with the peacefulness of the great outdoors, reminiscent of a vast blue sky. Specifically, Thermal strikes a delicate balance between softness and vibrancy, infusing spaces with a sense of optimism and adventure. It combines cool, fun tones with a welcoming and fresh vibe for any room. 

Bluebird Color of the Year

Krylon’s Bluebird

For a bold twist on pastel blue, Krylon introduces Bluebird as its color of the year. Embracing the trend toward unique and eclectic home decor, this color both energizes and comforts at the same time.  Consequently, this vibrant blue makes an ideal accent color and truly pops with any style. Naturally, it is an inviting tone which easily blends with both warm and cool tones.

Bay Blue Color of the Year

Minwax’s Bay Blue

Bay Blue by Minwax injects a breath of fresh air into the wooden accents of your home. As a wood stain which covers beautifully, it also strikes a balance between modern and traditional. Organically, this rich blend of blue and green has the power to change special pieces into updated masterpieces. It’s the perfect hue to uplift and elevate the natural wood within your living space.  Truly, Bay Blue appears like the deepest part of the ocean – ideal for any design style. 

Upward Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams’ Upward SW-6239

Sherwin Williams presents Upward SW-6239, a tranquil blue inspired by coastal aesthetics. As their color of the year, Upward complements various design styles, from antiques to modern furniture. This “breezy, blissful” hue brings light into any room and is an easy option for updating. Incredibly, Upward is timeless and the ideal shade to incorporate into any room of the home.  

Renew Blue Valspar Color of the Year

Valspar’s Renew Blue

Renew Blue by Valspar is a calming blue with subtle green undertones. keeping the trend of cool blues and greens alive. As the new neutral, blue can stand as a wall color or serve as an accent shade for woodwork, doors, and cabinets, making it an adaptable and classic choice.

Generally, bringing the sea-inspired colors into your home is not just a trend for 2024; it’s a timeless way to create a space which exudes sophistication and tranquility. By using these colors of the year, you can easily transform your room into a coastal retreat and further embrace the elegance of coastal living.

Using Coastal Blues “Color of the Year” Effectively

Color of the Year

Accent Walls and Statement Pieces

Paint an accent wall or incorporate “statement” furniture pieces in coastal colors to help make a bold impact without overwhelming the entire space.

Soft Furnishings and Decor

Infuse beach-inspired colors through soft furnishings like throw pillows, blankets, and curtains. Decor items such as vases, artwork, and candles can also add pops of coastal hues.

Natural Materials

Enhance the coastal vibe by incorporating natural materials like rattan, driftwood, and seashells into your decor. These elements complement beach colors and add texture to your space.

Artwork and Prints 

Hang artwork or prints that feature coastal scenes or abstract representations of the sea. This not only brings in the desired colors but also reinforces the coastal theme.

Layering Textures

Create depth by layering textures through area rugs, throws, and cushions. This adds visual interest and enhances the overall comfort and coziness of the space.

Nautical and Coastal Accessories

Introduce nautical accessories such as ropes, anchors, and marine-themed decor items. These can be subtle accents that tie the entire coastal look together.

Lighting Choices

Opt for lighting fixtures that complement beach colors – think rattan pendant lights or fixtures with a weathered, coastal finish. This not only illuminates your space but also contributes to the overall theme.

Furniture Upholstery

Consider choosing furniture with upholstery in coastal colors. Whether it’s a sofa, armchair, or dining chairs, this creates a cohesive look and anchors the color palette in your living space.

By incorporating these tips, you can bring the beach-inspired colors into your home with a touch of elegance and style.  Using the color of the year palettes, you can create a space that feels both fresh and timeless. Let the coastal chic style with the newest color trends sweep through your home, leaving a sophisticated atmosphere that captures the essence of the sand and sea.

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  1. Blue is one of my favorite colors so I guess I’m just in love with this post! Thanks for sharing all these tips, it gave me some ideas for transforming my bedroom!

  2. Valspar’s Renew Blue is similar to the paint color I used on my lower kitchen cabinets. Blue is one of my most favorite colors for decorating, and I appreciate learning about 2024’s hottest color trends for Coastal Chic style!

    1. Oh, I’m sure the Renew Blue (or similar) is stunning on your kitchen cabinets!! It’s so serene and calming and perfect for the kitchen. I am loving all the blue hues for 2024 too!

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