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Good Comes from a Hurricane – She Can Paint!

We recently introduced you to our friend Norvell, the accomplished sea glass jewelry guru. Through her, we have met another incredible talent. It is just another example of how the coastal lifestyle does something to you, something amazing. We want to introduce Lisa Sylvester Sausen, who also lives in the Bahamas.  Sadly, her home was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in 2019.  They remained on the island for as long as possible, but despite her wishes, her husband insisted they flee in the middle of the night. The storm had stalled and just kept growing. It turned out to be a wise decision.

Along with everyone else on the island, Lisa and her husband began to rebuild. After helping with mold and debris removal, Lisa realized she could best help her “MacGyver” type husband by getting out of his way. Overall, they were without electricity for 456 days, so she started painting.

                                        She can paint!

She had always liked art in school, “because it wasn’t math, English, or history,” but she had never painted before. During the rebuild, she threw herself into creating art, and it quickly became a remarkable, successful hobby. People applauded her artistry and encouraged her to continue. Now, she admits, she is addicted to painting, so much so that she becomes irritable if she doesn’t get to do it daily.

She can paint!

Lisa’s personality is as intriguing as her paintings. When asked about living in such a breathtakingly beautiful place, she responded that she never takes it for granted. She is “eternally grateful every day” and that is how she lives. In fact, she is often inspired by her beautiful surroundings – the ocean, sea creatures, and the beach. She also does commission work, so if you have a favorite photo, she can paint it for you.

Because her island is small, there is no place to buy her supplies. Friends and family who visit bring her canvases and acrylic paints, and her husband builds her frames. She has established a ritual that builds the momentum: She puts on some great music, lights some incense, and the time flies by. There in her tiny world in the Bahamas, Lisa has held shows to sell her paintings with enormous success. You can also purchase her work on Facebook. And with no mail service on the island, visitors carry the paintings back to the U.S. for shipping.

Lisa is truly an inspiration. Her incredible art speaks for itself, but we just cannot get over the fact that she had never painted before.  Imagine having this gift and developing it to this level in the last 3 years. Impressive, to say the least.  

Enjoy these paintings and see more from Lisa Sylvester Sausen on Facebook and Instagram.

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