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Island Art: It’s From Her Heart and Soul


Island Art emerging from the Bahamas is truly rousing. We are delighted to introduce you to another remarkable talent who draws her inspiration from the natural beauty of island life.  For Alice Lambert, art isn’t just a hobby.  It’s “part of her very being” and comes from her heart and soul.  After seeing several pieces of her work, it’s obvious that her heart and soul are beautiful.


Alice, the eldest of three sisters, spent her formative years in the heart of the English countryside. She attributes her creative spark to the nurturing influence of both her parents.

Her father, a military man, also ran the family construction business.  He possesses a remarkable knack for appreciating construction and architectural design.  His expertise primarily lies in the restoration of historic buildings. When he’s not restoring buildings, he’s restoring military vehicles, classic cars, and trucks.  The focus and skills involved in both have been a constant inspiration to Alice.


Alice’s mother, once a teacher by profession, found joy in painting as a pastime.  She eventually gravitated towards textiles which allowed her to balance her creative pursuits with the demands of motherhood.  Now, she has become a recognized and established quilter within Shropshire, hosting frequent quilting workshops and crafting commissioned projects. So, Alice’s upbringing involved a deep appreciation for observing fabrics, color palettes, and embellishments which come together to create breathtaking quilts.

Both parents took time to take Alice and her sisters on trips to visit significant historic buildings, sites of geographical importance, museums, and art galleries inline with their school studies at the time.


School allowed Alice to continue to experiment with different media, pushing the boundaries and creating some very interesting and slightly wild mixed media pieces.  She studied Graphic Design at the University of Leeds, and the refined practice changed her style and approach to art.


Throughout her twenties, her demanding job increasingly claimed more of her time and attention.  Nevertheless, whenever she could steal a moment, she persisted in her painting endeavors.  Alice focused  primarily on creating charming watercolor postcards and greeting cards. She  mailed these to her family from the exciting locales where she had the privilege to work and live.

Island Art      Island Art       Island Art

She met her husband, George, while residing in Switzerland in 2011, and the following year, they embarked on a new adventure in the British Virgin Islands. Their family expanded in 2019 when they joyfully welcomed their son, Arthur.

Island Art


In 2021, they relocated to the Bahamas, a place they now proudly call home.  Taking a pause from her career to prioritize motherhood, she felt prepared and eager to venture into a new chapter. During her initial summer in the Bahamas, Alice had a heartfelt discussion with close friends regarding her love for painting before motherhood took center stage. That Christmas, her sweet friends surprised her with a box filled with acrylic paints and canvases, reigniting her passion for painting once more.


Alice’s newfound island companions, Lisa and Jensen, extended an invitation for her to join them in an Easter art exhibition. Alice, who had never taken part in a formal show before, felt a hint of nervousness, uncertain how her work would be received.


To everyone’s delight, the exhibition turned out to be a resounding success, with warm reception for all the island artists’ creations.


Alice continued to paint as often as possible, taking part in the island art shows every few months and working on special commissions primarily in acrylics.  Having  immersed herself in the stunning blue waters for over a decade, she finds herself naturally drawn to the color blue in her art. 

Her “Lost at Sea” collection has proven exceptionally popular and enjoyable to personalize, allowing buyers to select their preferred shade of blue for the water and even customize the color of the surfboard!


Painting provides her with the means to declutter her thoughts and achieve a sense of inner balance.  She expresses that a day spent in front of her easel fills her with indescribable joy.  Living on a small island is not always easy. However, being welcomed by a creative community of fellow island artists has proven to be an inspiring experience, not only from a creative perspective, but also in forming meaningful connections with kindred spirits.


Her ultimate joy, she adds, comes from a “crafternoon.”  When she travels back to the U.K., she spends afternoons with her sisters and her “mum” working on a creative project. A few years ago, they crafted hand-sewn Christmas ornaments and personalized Christmas cards.  They sold  them  to raise funds for a cherished charity that holds a special place in their hearts.

Island Art

Also, they’ve also enjoyed engaging in some incredible transatlantic quilting projects. In this collaborative effort, forty quilters from the U.K. and forty from the U.S. were invited to craft a block using Liberty of London fabric for a collective quilt. These individual blocks are seamlessly combined, and the resulting quilt is exhibited in both countries throughout the following year.

In addition, Alice founded Lambert Living, a bespoke homeware purchasing consultancy in 2020. She has over 10 years experience in hospitality and in managing luxury homes throughout Europe and the Caribbean. Through Lambert Living, she curates and procures interior furnishings, lavish linens, and serve ware, all with exceptionally high levels of personalized service. Within these boundaries, she is able to combine her love of interior design and her island art.


Above all, Alice holds a cherished dream: to showcase her artwork in a beachfront gallery someday.  We firmly believe in her vision and eagerly anticipate visiting that gallery when it becomes a reality!

Follow Alice on instagram for more of her awe-inspiring artwork.  What a gem!

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