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Fall into Style: Embrace the Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

As much as I crave my summertime fun on the beach, I welcome the transition from summer to fall fashion. There are many reasons to love the season. I cherish football games, pumpkin spice drinks, and cozy fires, but my favorite part happens in the closet. We need to shift our summer looks to cool temperatures and hot styles. No reason to dread it anymore – it is much easier than you think. Simply take stock of your basics, and shop to pick up a few new pieces.

Fall fashion clothing fall fashion clothing


Let’s get started. What we’ve always called the “summer white tee shirt” is now just a white tee. Keep that tee handy and top it with a new cardigan as the evenings turn cooler (and you’ll want a long-sleeved one for the colder months.) Beautiful sweater choices are endless now. What used to be “spring” pastel colors are everywhere, so pair that tee with a lightweight soft pink sweater and repurpose your favorite shorts. You’re off to a great start!


You will notice that fashion in every season is filled with neutrals – beige, taupe, and grays. These basics also allow going from casual to corporate with ease. Match neutral, tailored trousers with the definitive white button-up blouse. Like the tee, these blouses are everywhere, and are available in linen, silk, oxford…or all the above. You can never have too many of these functional and timeless classic pieces.

fall fashion clothing


One of the key elements of transitioning from summer to fall fashion is layering. Light cardigans, heavier knitted sweaters, jackets, and trench coats become indispensable pieces to combat the cold. Mixing and matching layers not only adds a stylish touch to outfits, but also allows for easy adaptation as the day’s temperature fluctuates. These days there are so many distinct types to complement the changing season. Fitted, long, double-breasted, cropped, or oversized – all add polish. From jeans to a strapless dress, a blazer can be stylish and functional. Experiment and choose the cut that flatters your body type. Want one that is washable or a more formal fabric? Rolled sleeves or cuffed? A dressier one with jeweled buttons? All-purpose black or khaki? There is a wide variety of colors available now. Choose your favorite and combine it with any number of gems already in your closet to give you that elusive, effortless look.

Fall Fashion Clothing


September and October bring us the glorious changing colors of the trees for new inspiration. The top fall 2023 color trends from New York Fashion Week are reds, oranges, and vivid green. Stand out in the jeans you’ve sported through the summer with a burgundy, burnt orange, or combination shawl. See, moving from the beach to the football stands, and combining seasonal pieces is painless!

Fall fashion clothing


If one big and bold element is not your style, express yourself in the details. Try layering necklaces, a group of three different lengths. A tartan plaid or printed scarf can be the perfect addition. Top off your look with a Newsboy cap or a smart cross-body bag can look smart, too. Fun sneakers also remain versatile options for this transitional period. The possibilities are endless – and start with what’s already in your closet!



Skirts make seasonal switchovers simple. Your favorite summer mini can be worn with a leather jacket and booties in the fall. Match your mid-length flowing skirt to a tee or another favorite top from summer. Take an oversized shirt with you just in case, so you can throw it on and wear it open or tie it at the waist if it’s chilly. The weather can help you choose shoes, and remember, leather sandals can work well into the season too, especially if you live in the south. An animal print blouse with sleeves goes great with your jeans rolled up, just enough to show smart sandals.

Fall fashion clothing Fall fashion clothing


As you’ve seen in the magazines, ankle booties, cowboy, knee-high boots, and even those over-the-knee boots are popular choices, providing both style and warmth. Go casual with a flat boot in soft leather or change to suede boots with chunk heels to step it up a bit. From cute with a floral ruffly dress to business casual with a cashmere sweater and corduroys, boots are considered fall essentials. Of course, for those elegant evenings and dressy outings, a pointed-toe pump with a thin heel will always be in style. A dark-colored cocktail dress is always classy, and if you’re feeling in more of a party mood, go BRIGHT. Reds are very trendy now so consider a patent-leather shoe to really make an entrance. Find a bright metallic red dress with sexy, strappy shoes for an epic party or big night on the town.

Fall fashion clothing Fall fashion clothing


As fall progresses, heavier outerwear like trench coats, leather jackets, and wool pea coats become necessary. A versatile navy pea jacket never goes out of style. Maybe a full-length powder blue wool coat can be your go-to for the cold.  A beautiful fluffy scarf adds flair to either coat. Last but certainly not least on this list is the jean jacket, which needs to be a staple in everyone’s closet.

Fall fashion clothing


Accessories play a pivotal role during these months. For bad hair days or just for fun, try a playful furry bucket hat or beret (think Rihanna!)  Striking sunglasses and oversized earrings continue to be in vogue. My personal favorite is the trending “new” loafer. They effortlessly elevate any outfit and keep your feet warm in the changing weather. From Christian Louboutin to Forever 21, the well-heeled fashionista will be wearing loafers.

Fall fashion clothing Fall fashion clothing Fall fashion clothing


Overall, the transition from summer to fall fashion involves a thoughtful blending of repurposing your favorite summer pieces, seasonal elements, and your personal flair. It is a time for creativity and experimentation as you play with layering, textures, and colors to create stylish and functional outfits that adapt to both the evolving weather and trends. In any season, fashion is all about expressing yourself and being comfortable…and that combination equals confidence. 


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