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UNCOMMONLY – What’s In A Name?


[ uhn-komuhn-lee ]

Uncommonly is :  1) Out of the ordinary: unusual:   2)Exceptionally; outstandingly

Are you wondering why we named our blog “Uncommonly Coastal”?                     

The word “uncommonly” refers to something which is not frequently encountered or seen.  It describes things that are atypical or unusual, in comparison to what is generally expected or observed.  

Our blog is just that.  Uncommonly Coastal offers a fresh perspective by showcasing hidden gems, unconventional activities, and lesser-known coastal destinations often overlooked by others. We plan to integrate exotic coastal cuisine, arts, fashion, and design into your home by bringing the love of coastal colors and textures to your spaces.  By highlighting coastal themes, our goal is to enhance your daily living – and hopefully entertain you along the way. 

Through intriguing personal stories, photos, traditions, and interviews with fun personalities, we want to create and foster a vibrant community of coastal enthusiasts.  The blog will inspire readers by showcasing the beauty, serenity, and adventure of the lifestyle, whether you live near the shore or simply dream of seaside experiences.   


Also, “uncommonly” indicates that a person possesses traits or engages in actions that are not ordinary.  It implies a sense of distinctiveness or uniqueness, setting the individual apart from the norm.  That describes us “to a T”.  For those who know us, it’s safe to say that Karen and Janet are not typical anything, like uncommon gemstones that are rare and not easily found in nature.  I think it’s safe to say we are each “one of a kind” (but also two peas in a pod).

As we write, we are starting to plan our next escape.  Luckily, our husbands know that “A happy wife is a happy life” and willing to help us with our luggage.  Whether are off to explore an untouched coastal region in a jungle or jet off to a crowded popular vacation spot, there will be nothing common about it.  One of us will undoubtedly discover a small group of local artisans tucked away deep inside the local community, while the other will be soaking up the sun, stretching and walking miles along the shore, deep in thought and prayer. Oh-and of course, we always meet up for lunch and make some new friends…

So, obviously “uncommonly” suits us.    Plus, it has a nice ring to it, right?


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