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A Gourmet Journey: The Best Food Guide to St Tropez

Welcome to the Food Guide to St Tropez!  The culinary scene in St Tropez blends the essence of French cuisine with rich Mediterranean flavors.  The area offers so many options, from quaint cafes to Michelin star restaurants – and we wanted to experience as many as we could. One of our favorite parts of traveling to new places is indulging in novel foods and local specialties. 

A distinctive feature about dining in St Tropez is that most restaurants simply offer two seating times, at 8 pm and 10 pm.  Depending on the restaurant, the latter seating often comes with a burlesque-inspired show, featuring dance and other forms of entertainment.  It’s also common to find establishments that host live music or feature DJs, creating  a wonderful ambiance to enjoy the evenings in style.   

While the list below is not exhaustive, it captures the places that we enjoyed the most and could easily recommend for your next trip as a food guide to St Tropez.

Our Favorites List:

Food in St TropezLe Club 55

A legendary beachfront restaurant on Pampelonne Beach, Le Club 55 is a favorite among celebrities, locals, and our group.  It serves delicious Mediterranean fare, including seafood and salads, in a relaxed and stylish setting.  The atmosphere is classy, and the food was amazing.  Best for lunch or post-beach aperitif, but make sure you have a reservation.  On busy summer days, they will serve more than 1000 guests.  The view and the ambiance alone is worth the visit! 

Food in St Tropez Food in St Tropez Food in St Tropez


 This popular and busy upscale restaurant is located right on Pampelonne Beach.  We visited the Bagatelle in Cabo (Mexico) a few years ago and loved it, so we had to try the St Tropez version (which did not disappoint!) The décor is very chic, and the Mediterranean-inspired menu offers fresh options.  Both the food and service exceeded expectations.  The outdoor seating is ideal for people-watching, but the overall atmosphere is one of indulgence and tranquility.  Valet parking is available, and the location is wheelchair friendly.  


Le Quai

Located in the Vieux Port, Le Quai offers a menu infused with Mediterranean flavors and the finest in fresh seafood.  The restaurant’s inviting terrace is a prime locale for observing people and enjoying the harbor’s surroundings.  Le Quai stands out as a lively dining establishment known mainly for its captivating entertainment, party atmosphere and ideal marina location.  It is at its best for the 10 pm seating and show.

Le Café

Le Café is a popular restaurant and café located in the central area of town near the famous Place des Lices.  It is known for its charming atmosphere, offering both indoor and outdoor seating.  The outdoor terrace is particularly popular, allowing guests to enjoy their meals while soaking in the lively surroundings of St Tropez.  They serve a variety of Mediterranean dishes, including fresh seafood, classic French cuisine, and local specialties.  We thought that Le Café had a great nightlife vibe too, with live music and other entertainment. 


Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

 This was a very cool garden-type restaurant with amazing food and ambiance. Les Moulins was our favorite venue – with sparkling lights and lanterns hung in the trees. The outdoor terrace with views of the surrounding countryside provided an inviting atmosphere to dine al fresco under the stars.  The setting overall was posh, yet casual at the same time, with soft music playing in the background.  The food was delicious and fresh – showcasing a fusion of Provençal and Mediterranean flavors. The talented chefs presented creative locally-sourced produce alongside regional specialties.  There were 3 petanque lanes in the courtyard to play before or after your meal, which was a fun option. 

Food in St Tropez Food in St Tropez

Dior Des Lices

We indulged in a delightful brunch experience in the courtyard of the original Dior House, nestled in the heart of St. Tropez’s shopping district.  This was well worth the visit for us with tables set in the lush garden crafted by Peter Wirtz.  The traditional French brunch was exquisite and prepared by the three-starred Michelin chef, Yannick Alleno.  The ambiance was luxurious and it exuded the sophisticated and elegant Dior style.  As a bonus, the courtyard area leads up the stairs into the Dior boutique. (Of course, we enjoyed that part too!)   

Food in St Tropez      


 This Mediterranean-meets-Japanese restaurant opened in 2022 and is already listed as the TOP restaurant for summer 2023.  A local magazine mentioned that in this short time, Kinugawa has single-handedly elevated the expectations of dining in St Tropez.  After our dinner, we can honestly say that it deserves all the accolades and more. The establishment in Ramatuelle (about 10 mins outside of St Tropez) is set in an extraordinary garden, decorated in shades of terracotta with lanterns hanging from centuries-old olive trees.  The setting was stunning and the food was creative.  Kinugawa’s signature items, orchestrated by Chef Kawai, were enhanced by the amazing setting and relaxed surroundings.

Food in St Tropez


Southern Italian cuisine features in this incredible restaurant.  It faces the ports of St Tropez, right across from the slips for the large yachts.   We went to the 8 pm seating but they do have a 10 pm seating with a show and DJ.  The dishes are served Mediterranean (family) style and we had some of the absolute best truffle risotto I have EVER had.  Service was impeccable with a great vibe in the breezy marina setting.  

Food in St Tropez

La Terrasse at Cheval-Blanc 

This was the very best meal we had in St Tropez.  This one was a 10++ and we can not recommend it highly enough. Cheval-Blanc is a very nice boutique hotel right on the water with an ocean view.  We sat between the pool and the ocean and watched the sunset with yachts glimmering in the background.  The food was fantastic – the service was great.  We had a nice espresso with dessert and they had live music playing the entire time.  The whole experience was completely perfect in every single way.  The property is beautiful and chic with fresh seasonal products and a refined cuisine. Wow and wow! Oh, and the Bouillabaisse (a rich seafood stew) was a specialty – and it was divine.  

**Just as a side note, Cheval-Blanc was recently listed on CNN travel as one of the top “al fresco” restaurants in Europe. It is certainly worthy of the honor! 

Food scene in St Tropez Food in St Tropez


Right by the marina, this historic lunch spot originates back to 1887.  The location is ideal for watching both people and incredible yachts coming in and out of the harbor. Senequier is easily recognizable by its red color and has been known as THE place for a drink or a bite in St Tropez.  One of their specialties is the Tarte Tropézienne. This dessert pastry consists of a halved brioche filled with a combination of thick pastry cream and buttercream, then topped with sugar.  Fruit is often placed in the filling.  It was created in 1952 and popularized after Brigitte Bardot “discovered” it when she was filming in St Tropez.

Food in St Tropez

It is advisable to make reservations in advance, especially during the summer, as these recommended restaurants are very popular.  Each of these establishments promises a delightful culinary journey, making dining in St Tropez an unforgettable part of your trip to the French Rivera. We hope the food guide to St Tropez will be an inspiration for future travels.

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