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Travel Like a Pro

As an avid traveler, I am constantly expanding my collection of essential travel items that truly elevate the journey. And the exciting news is that these ‘must-haves’ are often on SALE with Amazon.  So that you can travel like a pro, we couldn’t wait to share them with you! From quality luggage to convenient toiletry bags and cozy neck pillows, there are fantastic options available. The items below are the ones we love – and we hope you will get some inspiration as you plan your next trip!

Luggage: The Samsonite Centric 2 combines innovative features with style and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The Samsonite Omni 2 is a best seller with sleek style and 4 smooth spinner wheels. While Samsonite is a fabulous brand and highly rated, I became a Delsey advocate years ago when my ‘no-name’ luggage was damaged beyond repair in Singapore. The airline delivered a brand new Delsey bag to my hotel room as a replacement. With built-in locks and plenty of room, I was their newest fan. I added to my Delsey collection and now have an entire set in fun purple. Those Delsey cases have lasted through travels in 16 African Countries and most of Europe – and have been thrown and trampled and still look like new. The Delsey Paris St Tropez hard side 21” or the Delsey Paris Chatelet will be my next purchase. Delsey offers lots of sizes and their specialized locking system is a big win. 

Travel Backpack: When we want to travel hands-free, the Baggalini Women’s Soho Backpack is my first choice. It has multiple compartments with room for overnight items. It’s stylish, professional, lightweight and has a sleeve to fit on my luggage. When something larger is needed, my husband carries the SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Backpack. It is durable with lots of compartments, including a RFID-protected area for electronics.  It fits SO much – and convenient for every type of travel.  As a day pack when touring, I prefer the Travelon Anti-theft Signature Slim Backpack.  It is water resistant and stain resistant nylon – but still looks both casual and fashionable.  Another fabulous option is the The Kroser Laptop Backpack, which is waterproof and has a USB port built in for convenience. It looks chic and fits my laptop perfectly.


Travel Crossbody Purse: My favorite is the Travelon Classic purse which has a 5-Point Anti-Theft security system, plenty of compartments and is the perfect size for everyday travel days.  The Travelon Classic Mini Shoulder Bag is a bit smaller and yet fits the essentials.  The security features of the Travelon brands really makes these ideal for travel.  The Anti-Theft Travelon Heritage CrossBody (love the pewter color) is also a great choice too.  Did I mention that I love the Travelon brand? 

Foldable Duffle Bags: Since I enjoy finding treasures when we travel, I tend to pack a foldable duffle bag into my luggage – just in case.  The Wandf 18” Travel Duffle Bag Weekender is made of nylon and folds into a small bag, easy to carry.  When I want a larger duffle, I take the Bago Lightweight Overnight bag.  It is roomy, durable and packs down small.  It’s also a great duffle as needed for sports equipment or general usage. However, if you prefer a great everyday duffle which combines style and water resistance, the HYCOO Travel Bag is amazing!   

* If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Membership, you can get one here.  

Toiletries Travel Bag: The BAGSMART large toiletry bag is big enough for all my essentials, yet compact enough for travel.  I love the soft pink bag, but it comes in lots of fun colors – and hangable. The BAGO toiletry Bag can manage all your full-sized cosmetics, but also has plenty of room complete with side pockets and inner compartments. For a great MEN’S DOPP kit, we chose the leather and canvas toiletry bag by Emissary. It is lightweight and durable and the perfect combination for traveling. 

Toiletries Travel Containers: I keep these reusable travel containers filled and ready to go all the time, which helps me streamline the process of packing.  For shampoos/conditioners and body wash, we use the Kitch Travel Containers which are leak-proof and refillable squeeze pouches OR the Gemice Travel Bottles. For creams, make-up, and serums, I use the ZEJIA 30 Pcs Small Travel Containers which include three sizes. These items save space in our luggage and make them easily accessible. They are TSA approved as well.  *As a side note – I tend to label everything. The Brother P-Touch95 label maker makes the perfect size labels for the toiletry containers.  

Packing Cubes: Stay organized with packing cubes, which compartmentalize your belongings and make things easier to locate.  I like the Travel Wise Organization Cubes – 5 pack, including three sizes. I love the bright green to see them easily, but they are offered in lots of colors.  The IDESORT packing cubes come in a pack of 8, which is also a very good choice.  I label those with the Brother P-Touch Label maker as well.  

Travel Packable Coats: The Cole Haan Women’s Hooded Rain Jacket is comfy and stylish – and great to have on hand when traveling. It comes in lots of colors and packs into a little bag perfect to throw in your purse or backpack.  If you prefer something water and wind resistant, ideal for the Fall weather, the Calvin Klein Women’s Long Anorak Jacket is also packable into its own little case.  We especially like that the hood is detachable OR can be folded to look like a collar, offering both style and practicality.


Water Bottles:  We always have water bottles with us, and like to stay hydrated, while being environmentally conscious. The Special Made Collapsible water bottles are small enough to fit in any purse when empty. They are leak-proof, made of silicone and BPA free.  The ONTA Water Bottle was my choice when I recently spent a month in Egypt and used it daily.  It is accordion style in design, collapsible and lightweight.  Another option that we have used on our travels is the Brita Filtered Water Bottle, which is great for general filtration.  However, when we need to remove bacteria and parasites, we go with the LifeStraw brand bottles which do an amazing job of true filtration.  The LifeStraw allows you to purify water from various sources, ensuring access to clean drinking water wherever you go. 

Lightweight Travel Towels: It’s nice to have a quick-drying and compact travel towel that takes up less space in your bag, especially if you have a beach day planned.  The 4Monster Camping Towels are lightweight, super absorbent and are available in 3 sizes.  The XL is our recommendation for most uses, and we like the small hard case which is included. If you prefer the feel of cotton, the Bay Laurel Turkish Beach Towel with Travel Bag is my favorite.

Compression Socks: SB SOX Compression Socks are a lifesaver when flying long distances, and I wear them every flight. They decrease swelling and improve blood flow, as well as help with fatigue in your feet and legs. People of all ages (men & women) wear these socks and some even wear them while touring in cooler weather. 

Travel Umbrella : The Mini Baodini Travel Umbrella is perfect to throw in your day pack or to keep in your car. It is tiny with UV protection and a cute carrying case. The Repel umbrella is also compact and comes in lots of fun patterns. But the KING of all umbrellas is the Weatherman Travel Umbrella. It is windproof and mighty, yet weighs less than a pound. The Weatherman brand is built to last and comes with a lifetime warranty.  

Luxury Items:  Ok – I will admit it.  I carry a silk pillowcase as a luxury item when I travel.  Blissy is the very best, but I’ve recently found the Mulberry Silk brand which is amazing at preventing bedhead and tangles while you sleep.  A luxury Blissy silk eye mask completes the pampering.  LULU Silk also has a very nice eye mask which will indulge the extravagant feeling, and a bit more cost-efficient.  As for a travel pillow, I prefer the basic Nappler Camping Pillow made of memory foam.  Others prefer a true travel pillow like the Dot&Dot twist memory foam or the MLVOC Travel Pillow (which comes with ear plugs and eye mask).  Everyone needs a few indulgences occasionally! 

Dual Voltage Hair Dryer – I have to share one more thing. 🙂 Recently, a friend returned from a fabulous European vacation where her dryer caught on fire. Unfortunately, that is not uncommon since the voltages vary, even with a step-down converter. Thankfully, she recently purchased the OHJUMP Mini Dual-Voltage Foldable Hair Dryer (with a diffuser), which will be great on her future trips. Dual-voltage is a great recommendation for all international travelers! 

However, with the right tools and accessories by your side, you can embark on your travels with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared for whatever the journey may bring. 

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**As an Amazon affiliate, we may receive a small commission if you order these products, but there is never a cost to you.  However we only recommended products that we love.  

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