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Cruise Lovers: Here’s How to Choose Their Perfect Gift


Cruise Lovers relish the experience of setting sail on grand ships, exploring exotic ports, and basking in the luxury of life at sea.  Whether they are seasoned cruisers or preparing for the first voyage, the perfect gift can enhance their journey.

We’ve created a broad selection of gifts from nautical themed treasures that evoke the romance of the high seas to practical items that streamline their onboard experience.  These items will surely delight cruise lovers and deepen their connection to the world of traveling on the ocean.




Before they sail, cruise lovers can start saving for their next cruise with a cute cruise fund bank.  Seeing a fund bank at home encourages cruisers to add to it frequently.  Also, every deposit can build their excitement and anticipation.  Setting aside funds can eliminate last-minute stress to contribute to an overall more enjoyable and carefree cruise. 





Next is a travelling fan favorite.  The compass jewelry can be worn for casual or more formal occasions and goes with everything. Jewelry is always a treasured gift! True cruise enthusiasts wear these all the time – not just at sea!




Likewise, whether the cruise lover is anxiously awaiting the upcoming cruise or reminiscing about the excitement of the last one, a cute cruise mug is a must.  Here’s a couple of our faves to choose from.  And now, I can’t get the Caribbean out of my mind…


   Cruise Lovers     Cruise Lovers Cruise Lovers


To start preparing, Travel Wise Packing Cubes are at the top of our gift list for cruise lovers. These reusable organizers are available in a 5 pack and an 8 pack. Keeping your personal belongings in separate compartments makes it easy to find what you need quickly. And of course, they can be used for many other trips, too!

Cruise Lovers


Similarly, Simple Houseware makes the over-the-door hanging organizer, another super organizing gift for cruise cabins.  Space is limited and this provides a perfect spot for many items to be all in one place.  It has 15 crystal clear pockets for storage of anything from toiletries to snacks, keeping them visible and accessible.


Furthermore, after the cruise, this handy hanger can be used in the home anywhere. The laundry room, the pantry, bedroom closets – all household areas that need some extra organization are ideal.



Similarly, cruise lovers can always use clear bags for organizing. These can be used for cosmetics, cell phone, keys, toiletries – anything that needs to be handy and visible.  And these waterproof zippered bags can be shared with family members, too!





In addition, we have also chosen a larger bag for our list. This tote bag is mesh so the sand can fall right back out, but air can pass through.  It’s large enough to hold up to 6 beach towels plus phones, sunglasses, water bottles, keys, and more with 8 large mesh pockets outside and a built-in zippered pocket inside. 

This durable tote can obviously serve many purposes. Take it for any trip to the pool, camping – even grocery shopping, as it folds neatly for packing.

                          Cruise Lovers


Next on our list – and likely the most important – are the Apple Air Tags. If you’ve experienced this, you know how miserable misplaced luggage can be – especially miles and miles from shore! The Air Tags are simple to set up and can be a life- (or cruise) -saver!  Pack these for peace of mind.



Another cruise essential is this lightweight zippered bag.  There’s a handle to hang or carry it, and it will hold a wet swimsuit, sweaty gym clothes, or any damp or dirty items to be packed.  It’s water-resistant, machine washable, and available in many patterns. 



For the purpose of pure fun, ask any cruise lover if they happened to see any ducks on their last voyage.  Their grin will let you know that they did. They’ll no doubt tell you all about the many little rubber ducks they found hidden on the ship and what they did with them.  Some cruisers take a photo to post on social media to share with other duck fans and then re-hide them.  Some ducks that have the ship name and cruise date on them will be kept as souvenirs.  This has become a wildly popular trend, so help the cruise lovers on your list join in the merriment.



Another fun cruise souvenir is the ship ornament. The cruise lover on your list will love it hanging on their tree, year after year, reminding them of a fantastic trip. 





In order not to miss any great photo opportunity, a portable power bank is a lifesaver. On the ship or out on an excursion, running out of battery can be frustrating. We love the Anker brand for reliability, fast charging ability, and its slim design. However, the INIU Portable Charger is slightly lighter-weight and has a second output port, which could come in handy if needed to charge multiple devices at the same time.



Also in the technology department is the convenient 3-in-1 charger.  This handy item charges your iPhone, iPods, and Watch at the same time – all with one plug. It fits into a compact bag making it a must for cruise lovers.

                    Cruise Lovers             Cruise Lovers


Again, cruisers want to see it all while traveling. Occer Compact Binoculars are high quality, reliable, and a big hit for cruise lovers. Compact 12 x 25 and waterproof, they focus easily and have low-light vision for use in the dark, such as nighttime bird watching or stargazing. 

Further, these binoculars feature a large adjustable eyepiece, making it easy for those who wear glasses. We recommend these as durable, versatile, and a great gift.


            Cruise Lovers              Cruise Lovers



While cruise lovers want to get away from it all, they still carry their cell phones with them – just in case.  So, another perfect gift idea is the protector bag for their phone.  Hiercool makes one that is compatible with nearly every cell phone made – even with the cases on. This can protect your phone from water, sand, dust, and snow, too – thanks to their triple-layer lockdown technology. 

However, even with the 3 layers,  the cover material is sensitive to the touch – enough so you can use face identification or take clear underwater photos.  There’s also a detachable lanyard for this smart phone protector.

Cruise Lovers


Not only for convenience, Maxtop Fanny Packs are a must have accessory for safety, too – for any traveler, not just cruise lovers.  They are lightweight, durable, and water resistant – plus available in more than 45 color choices! They hold phones, passports – anything you need to keep close to you.

The extra details on these make it our favorite, such as a key fob and an adjustable strap. Plus, there are four zippered pockets – one being well-hidden and theft proof.  Best of all, this reflective pack can be worn around the waist, as a belt bag, or across the body providing hands-free shopping, hiking, or having fun on any excursion

Cruise Lovers


Now as the holiday season unfolds, you can avoid the stress and headache of crowded stores and endless online options.  We’ve recommended what we know to be 16 essential items for cruise lovers, so you no longer have to worry.  Holiday shopping will not overshadow the joyous spirit of the season.


**We may receive a small commission if you order these products, but there is never a cost to you.

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  1. What a great article! My family is getting ready to go on a Mediterranean Cruise next month. Thank you for all of the tips! I love the over-the-door organizer. What a great idea!

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