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Coastal Scents: The Vacation Collection by Bella Vela


Are you one of those people who opens and sniffs all the candles while standing in the check-out line? I am.  There are some pleasant smells, but none just exactly “it.” They go right back to the shelf, and I leave disappointed.  I want to walk into my home and be immediately welcomed by a beautiful scent – something fragrant, yet clean.  Surround me with the scent of being stretched out on an island somewhere, anywhere.  Is this too much to ask? Everyone can close their eyes and imagine coastal scents. There’s a little floral sweetness to it, and maybe orange? Coconut? Definitely some sea.

Well, I found it and I’m happy to share.  You can thank me later.


 Armando Martinez, born and raised in California, comes from a Fortune 500 background. During the pandemic, serving as an essential worker was challenging. His travel plans were cancelled, the world was under duress, and he needed an outlet. He has always been creative, enjoying interior design, arts, and crafts.  In addition, he also loves fragrances, candles, and self-care, so he decided to learn candle-making.  

Coastal Scents


During his research, he discovered that many of the candle brands and fragrances that he had been using were filled with carcinogens, toxins, and chemicals. He was alarmed about how harmful these products are to use at home – for himself and Tinkerbell, his beloved Chihuahua. Armando knew that if he wanted to make products in his home and for his home, the ingredients had to be safe and non-toxic. After much research on different waxes, fragrances, and raw materials, he created an eco-friendly soy candle.


First, his candles were created in May of 2020 as a hobby. However, as friends and family would visit and inquire about the scent, they were thrilled to know he made it himself. Their enthusiasm encouraged him to sell his handmade candles, so his company was born. Wanting the name to resonate with his Latin roots, he named it Bella Vela, which means “beautiful candle” in Spanish. He quickly designed a logo that would be a minimalistic and timeless design that would suit any home decor style.

Coastal Scents


Now, three years later, he has expanded the home fragrance line to over 10 products and has created 70+ scents. He is truly a one-man shop, not only creating and formulating each essence, but he’s also the photographer, videographer, web designer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur. Not only does he collaborate online with interior designers, but he also conducts pop-up shops, farmers’ markets, and sells wholesale in boutique shops. 



While we love all of the scents, the Watermelon Sugar hand sanitizers have been extremely popular within my circle of my friends, and the Good Vibes wax melts were the hit gift at a party recently. But the best news of all:  The Acqua de Mar is IT for me. There is nothing better than the coastal scents that surrounds me when I come home.  I am transported to my happy place, and it is divine. You’re welcome.

Coastal Scents


Above all, Armando’s goal is to deliver the ultimate fragrance desire with no harsh toxins or chemicals. Inspired through his travel experiences, he captures nostalgic moments and brings those memories back alive, one candle scent at a time. His vision for Bella Vela is to expand into home decor and to offer his products globally and sustainably. I have complete faith in him. These are amazing products. 



See all the amazing Bella Vela products at www.bellavelacandle.com

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