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Call of the Ocean – Vacation Time

Sometimes I just NEED the beach.

Seeing the coast relaxes my mind and heals my soul.  There’s just something about it – something calming about the sea. The call of the ocean is real…

Gulf Coast

In our area, most people we know go to the same beach – Destin, Orange, Rosemary – somewhere around the corridor of 30A.  Many of our friends are drawn back to the same place year after year – and it becomes a tradition and a way to connect with extended family and friends. 

I grew up going to those same beaches, in the summers and around Easter. Through the years, we have enjoyed it and made cherished memories with our family.  As a college student, we visited south Florida beaches and had a wonderful time with friends. 


My husband grew up with week-long large family reunions every summer or so – always featuring the beach.  Their group of 30-40 relatives mainly went to South Carolina and Florida and I started joining them at some point. 

Off the Beaten Path

But as the years went on and we started moving around, our travel direction changed a bit.  Our little family learned to explore new places and see different types of coastlines – and it has been wonderful. We enjoy finding off-the-beaten-path type locales and discovering hidden gems.  We are travelers at heart and want to see the world…but, this year, the draw of those same long-lost beaches pulled us in.

Destin, FL

And it was amazing. Our family of 13 rented a beautiful home close to the beach in Destin, FL.  Daily, we took turns cooking dinners, enjoyed the pool at the house and walked the short distance to the beach.  Together, we enjoyed bike rides, cards, movies, swimming, and general time being a family.  We were 4 generations, ranging from ages 2 to 88.   

Coming Back

Now, I totally get it- totally understand why this vacation is enough to return to over and over.  The sun, the pure white sand and the salt-air are addicting – and the place where so many memories happened, was fabulous. The gorgeous Florida sunsets, the home, the food – and the fun ‘all-together” with family was just priceless. 

Family Escape

Not only was it a wonderful trip with those we love, but I was reminded about the many benefits about spending time near the ocean – wherever that might be.  There is something inherently soothing about the coast with its rhythmic waves and gentle sea breezes – and it offers a much-needed escape from the busyness of my world.  Inherently, the sea is a sanctuary to reconnect with nature, and to witness the magnificent beauty of God’s creation up close.  The call of the ocean brings a sense of peace and solitude and stillness that we all crave -which is truly extraordinary.

Health Benefits

Also, the therapeutic qualities of ocean water have a profound effect on our overall well-being.  The magnesium-rich sea soothes our bodies and leaves us feeling rejuvenated – nourishing us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The gentle embrace of the ocean’s waters work wonders, providing a healing balm which brings harmony to our entire being.   


As I strolled along the shoreline, I was aware that all my senses were awakened in this coastal refuge. The smell and taste of the salty air, the touch of soft sand beneath my feet, the sound of the waves crashing around me and the awe-inspiring sight of endless ocean stretching before us, filled me with happiness.  I was so glad we chose the beach.

It’s easy to see why the coast has been such a creative inspiration for artists and writers.  Somehow, it seems to ignite the creative spark within, encouraging artistic expression and unlocking new depths of imagination.

This time spent at the beach was a gentle reminder of the importance of cherishing the small moments that surround us.  The coast is not just a destination – it’s a state of mind, a unique perspective that prompts us to keep returning year after year.  I hope to carry that feeling with me long after we get home too.

We are already looking forward to next year together and plan to book a beach house soon. 

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